In the last Politics lesson we had three special guests. The exchange students Ivan, Jason and Chang-Lin visited us. They told us about their home and why they came to Germany. Ivan told us a lot of his home in Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil. There he lives on a small farm. He showed us pictures of his family and fruits and animals from Brazil. Brazil is the fifth biggest country in the world and has 190 million inhabitants. In 1500 Brazil was dicovered by Europeans. We asked him why he particularly came to Germany? He told us that he wanted to learn a new language and he wanted to go to Europe. Also Germany has much history and many attractions. Ivan told us he found the history of the war very exciting and before he went to Germany he met some Germans who persuaded him to go to Germany. For us it was a great experience to speak with Jason,Ivan and Chang-Lin.

Merve Marquering, Kl. 8f1




On Friday, 16th December, we had the three exchange students-Ivan,Rebecca and Jason- for a visit in the Politics lesson. They are at GaT at the moment for this school year. They told us something about their homelands,why they´re in Germany...etc .For example: Ivan told us he was from Brazil and seventeen years old. He explained his flag to us and that in Brazil the people speak Portuguese. He said that he didn't like football/soccer but his homeland was an important `football country`. At his home the school takes from 7.30 to 12.30 and only a few learn English. He showed us some movies about Brazil which showed the culture,the country, the buildings and the people of Brazil.

Ivan thinks Emden is cool because he can go anywhere without asking his mum,taking a taxi or the bus. His home town is a much bigger city with longer distances. We asked whether he didn't find Emden boring because we think in Emden there is nothing interesting but he likes it here. Ivan was surprised that 13/14 year-old teenagers have bilingual Politics lessons. He is in Germany to learn our language because later he wants to work with languages.

The exchange students are in families for four months and alternate with each other.

Eeske Ubben, 8fL


We talked in a group with Jason and asked him some questions.
Jason comes from Phoenix, Arizona (USA)and in Emden he visits class
10.1 at GaT - Emden. The first days here he missed his mom but he can skype with her. He told us a little bit of his life in the USA. At his school there are 2000 pupils and when he comes back, Jason must learn all the stuff from this year. He has an older brother, two little sisters and 3 dogs.

In Politics we discuss at the moment how old you must be to go to a disco. In Arizona you must be 18 for an adult disco but when you are 15 you can go to a teen disco but there is no alcohol for the teens. You can get your driver's license already when you are 14 years old. Jason has his driver's license, too and he drives sometimes with his dad's car. He is really kind and he has many hobbies that I have too, for example baseball, Xbox and basketball.
His favourite game is Call of Duty. It was real fun to interview you Jason.
I hope you will read this.

Calvin-Maurice Klün
8F2 GaT-Emden


Jason is seventeen years old and lives in Phoenix (USA ). He plays baseball and swims. He has three dogs and a great family. He said that his school is great, and on the school there are 2000 people.
We asked him 'How is Emden?', he answered 'Emden is cool',
especially the park and the "Wall". He's in Emden (Germany) because he wants to learn the language.
When you live in America, you must be eighteen years old to go to a disco or to drink alcohol but you can drive a car with fifteen.
In the Summer it can be 47°C hot.
Luca Meyer
( 8F2 )  





Rebecca comes from Taiwan/Taipei and she is 17 years old. She has a brother and a nice cat at home. And she said on Friday, that she loves Germany. In Taiwan there is a different school. They must wear school uniforms at school and in her class there are 40 pupils. She must take the bus, because the way to school takes 40 minutes. She is in Germany for 10 months, but now she has already been here for 4 months.
In Taiwan the people are allowed to drive a car when they are 20 years old. But when they want to drive a motorbike, they have to be 18 years old.

Alina Bolenz


Rebecca, a 17 year-old girl from Taiwan, is living for one year in Emden at GaT (Gymnasium am Treckfahrtstief). Rebecca stays here in a guest family and she will change her family every 4 months.
The 17 year-old girl told us in the interview in the billingual course that schools in Germany and Taiwan are different. She explained that in Taiwan there are 2000 students at school, and 40 students in a class, whereas at GaT there are 700 students and about 25 - 30 students in a class.Sometimes school ends at 22:00 o'clock in Taiwan.
Rebecca took this adventure of a year abroad to learn the German language better and to see the differences between Emden and Taiwan. Next Year she will return to her family, but now she wants to enjoy her time with her exchange partners in Emden.

Von Ida W.